Chumdan Bunker System is the personal shelter designed to survive natural disaster, nuclear radiation, bacteria and poison gas. 

Our showroom is located near Janghanpyeong Station, Seoul. 

You are always welcome to visit us and experience our products,  

The bunker system can be installed in building basement, yard, garden or empty lot.

We can get permit needed to install the bunker system for our customers. 

Extension permit from government office is necessary for installation.

To check extension feasibility, we need current drawings of your building. 

Please send us your building register, or in case you do not have it, your personal information (Name of building owner, social security number) for us to check. 

You can also visit borough office to check it by yourself. 

1. Blast Resistant Hatch Door (S,M,L)

2. NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) air filtration system (All Imported)

3. Blast Resistant valve, Overpressure Valve, EMP Cutoff Valve, MCTBLOCK (Imported)

4. Solar Power Generator and Manual Power Generator System 

5. Chargeable Generator & 2 Generator Control Systems

6. Portable Toilet, Portable Sink, Coagulant (Per person for a week)

7. Sewage Purifier

8. Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Flashlight, Emergency Oxygen, First-Aid Kit, Tool Box

9. Emergency Food Supply, Water (Per person for a week)


*System needs to be equipped with all above to ensure your safety and survival  

The NBC air filtration system filters air from toxic materials of NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical). 

It draws in external air through pipes and filters it out with special filter made of free filter, HEPA filter, and carbon absorbent.

Filtered air then flows into shelter with higher pressure than that of outside. 

This enables air flows from inside to outside the shelter and prevents toxic materials from entering the shelter.  

Blast Resistant Valve protects people and equipment inside the building from external explosion pressure. 

The valve is installed in the passage of ventilation connected to outside of CBR (chemical, biological, and radiological) shelter. 

The valve should be closed when there is positive pressure. 

It opens and closed with drag, shutting off air flow as the valve detects shock wave from ventilation to protect inside the shelter.   




 For 1~2 People


 2M 10CM

 For 2~3 People 


 3M 10CM

 For 3~4 People 


 4M 10CM

 For 5~6 People 


 5M 10CM

 For 7~8 People 


 6M 10CM


* Size customization is possible.


  Underground bunkers comes with the size for 3~4, 5~6, 7~8 and over 10 people. 

  Regular basement accommodates up to 20~30 people and larger shelter can be constructed as well. 



According to grading system of regular shelter, a shelter with the highest grade can hold for 28 days and a shelter with the first grade for 18 days. 

Chumdan Bunker System, equipped with every necessary system you may need in emergency can hold over 1 month. 

With special system certified by EU and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. 

Ltd, the system can be sustained for longer period protecting your safety from nuclear radiation, bacteria, or poison gas by 99.993%.  

Please click 'Structure & Price' section to see the detailed price information. 

The bunker system is made of steel plate SS 400 that is 8T thick, FRP 3T, water-proof paints, anti-rust paints, anti-radiation paints, and eco-friendly paint. 

It is durable for more than 30 years by pouring 30cm of concrete around it. 

Installment takes 3~4 weeks after the conclusion of contract.

Customer needs to pay the 60% of the amount due when a contract is signed and the rest when the installment is complete.  

Within the basic design for ensuring your safety, interior designs can be tailored to meet the needs of our clients.  

Water supply and drainage system is optional. 

If you want to install the system, constructor will check if it is possible according to surroundings and proceed. 

Even without the optional system, the bunker is equipped with water supply and portable toilet.   

The bunker system is equipped with emergency power generator, thus electricity is available even in a case of blackout.